Where’s George

2011 National Novel Writing Month, penning 50,000 words in 30 days.

A single dollar bill, nothing special, passed from hand to hand. Found, lost, bought and paid, given in change, offered in gratitude.

A single dollar bill tying together the lives of a seemingly random group of people. Is it by chance, or something else… destiny?

Chap. 1: Found
Chap. 2: Panhandler
Chap. 3: Birthday boy
Chap. 4: Collector
Chap. 5: Dancer
Chap. 6: Dreamer
Chap. 7: Bus rider
Chap. 8: Embezzler
Chap. 9: Survivor
Chap. 10: Pizza guy
Chap. 11: Midnight wash
Chap. 12: Caregiver
Chap. 13: Gambler
Chap. 14: Private I
Chap. 15: Girls’ Night Out
Chap. 16: Sister
Chap. 17: Part-time dad
Chap. 18: Dog whisperer
Chap. 19: Brownies
Chap. 20: Teacher
Chap. 21: Cheerleaders
Chap. 22: Car wash
Chap. 23: Office party
Chap. 24: Post cards