That talk

A long trip north to my ancestral home for an unexpected funeral, gave me a bittersweet chance to reconnect with the Yankee half of my family after a 20-year absence. Amazingly, I recognized them all. Everyone had changed physically, but I knew immediately who they were once we hugged. It was like we are all…

Finally home

Over 40 hours driving, three days, approximately 2,200 miles, through seven states – from The Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes – makes for a very monotonous road trip. Crazy-funny traveling companions, beautiful scenery and reuniting with distant family, make it worth the effort.

Why is religious bigotry acceptable

I don’t talk specifically about my faith very often because, even at 50, I haven’t figured it all out. Occasionally, religion creeps into my fiction, or I’ll touch on collateral issues, but I loath proselytizing. What I believe, and how I put my faith into practice is very personal. I don’t even insist that my…

Second puppyhood

When doctors removed the pin in my mini Lab, Asta’s leg (that’s her with me in my sidebar), it did more than relieve what must have been incredible pain, it also apparently unleashed her second puppyhood. She seems happier, livelier and eager to play. Once her activity restrictions were relaxed a little, all she wanted…

Movie extra

There are days when I feel like an extra in the grand production of life. Non-speaking talent slaving away for scale without so much as a mention in the ending credits. The only evidence of my existence is a meager line identifying me as “50-something Mom #1.” *Photo venue: shot from Navy Pier, Chicago, IL