Today I’m a guest writer at Carrie’s place, Views from Nature, while she is on a much needed vacation. Please, stop by over there to say ‘hi.”

Week 16: 365 Project

I give up… I might as well resign myself to the fact that the majority of my 365 photos will be taken with my iPhone. It’s easier to carry around (read: less conspicuous) and, while I do have my DSLR with me when I go out on errands, the smaller camera phone will always be…

Possibilities await

Behind each closed door Possibilities await On the other side No key, no charmed words Open the lock, turn the knob Step through the threshold Be quick, don’t tarry The portal is transient Choices momentary Opportunities Crumble to dust, abandoned Squandered all for naught Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

Inner fire

Is your inner light a tea candle or a blazing inferno? Does it shine or smolder? Warm and inviting, welcoming others to draw closer, Or intense and overpowering, too hot to approach? How does your internal flame burn?

TMI with a spoonful of sugar

You may remember me mentioning that I’m turning 50 this year. With great age, comes great responsibility. While I’m not quite old enough for AARP, at this advanced phase of my life I am expected to submit participate in a list of various and sundry screenings and tests that in medieval times would be considered…

Third time’s the charm

“Do you need help with your hair,” my best friend, Fanny was almost as nervous about this first date as I was. “Oh, thank you!,” I gave up fighting my mane of unruly curls. “I can’t seem to do anything with it.” I sat at her vanity mirror, watching as she deftly piled my hair…