exposed tree roots

Monument to time

We are bare framework standing immobile against the elements. Bleached white like the bones of a long dead dinosaur, our roots run deep, anchoring us to the earth. We are a monument to perseverance, endurance, unbending stubbornness. There is beauty in our austerity. Stripped of all outer trappings, we withstand the ages, adversity and tragedy.…

broken grave ledger marker

The Rising

Dr. Zeiss was outside to greet me when I arrived at Bayside Pavilion. He held the door as he welcomed me inside. His affable manner caused no concern for Gram’s well-being. There must be some fiscal project he wanted my help with, perhaps a bright and sunny atrium, named in Gram’s honor, of course. It…

red fern frond

Sibling rivalry

“Have you told your brother?” Momentarily speechless, my mouth agape, I finally shook off my stunned silence. “No, and I have no intention of telling him.” It was our dad’s turn to be dumbfounded. “How can you not?” “It’s really easy. I deleted his cell number from my phone, I blocked his emails, he never…

lights at slow speed

Lightning flash

All sound and light narrowed to a pin point. Voices were tinny and distant, raucous laughter canned and artificial. I felt like I was moving in slow motion while every one around me carried on at double speed. My tunnel vision focused on the couple across the room. As if a spot light shone on…


Our Mabel

In a family full of rowdy boys, she was our little angel. Never a whimper, or complaint, she always smiled. Tiny from birth, she looked like a porcelain doll, our perfect little lady. We thought she was the answer to our prayers. We didn’t realize the answer instead was, “no.”

doorway to abandoned home


I remember the day you carried me over that threshold. You held my heart in your hands, my love and my dreams. We promised in sickness and in health. The sickness came so hard and quick. The rains stopped falling and the earth blew away, taking all our hopes along with it. The desolation seeped…